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Well, let’s not pretend that we all haven’t bought some bullshit, junk-filled “protein bar” cause we were either too lazy to make real food, or in a rush, or in a bind. Whatever the case may be, we have all eaten protein bars which claim to be great for losing weight, but when you look at the ingredient label, you are disgusted with the lies. Most protein bars (and we say “protein” extremely loosely!) are filled with sugars or whack oils or other shit carbs that are counterproductive. What the hell is the point?! There isn’t one, dammit! Those companies are out for money and to fool the general public. Yes, yes they are. But then enters Quest Nutrition into our lives. We must all pay homage to this company! Continue Reading…

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Whey Protein is ideal post workout for faster absorption of good quality protein into your muscles.

Whey Protein is ideal post-workout for faster absorption of good quality protein into your muscles.

After reading through our Amino Acid Manifesto Series, including The Protein Manifesto, you should have a pretty good understanding on the importance of protein and amino acids. On top of that, you just might have a hankering for some good quality Whey Protein supplements. Well isn’t it lucky for you that you’re here?! Yea… it is!

Whey Protein is essential to include into any dietary regime that involves gaining lean mass. This fast absorbing protein should be consumed post-workout, and while there are tons and tons of companies putting out Whey supps all the damn time, it is important to know what you’re buying, and stick with reputable brands!

Below, we will run down a list of 5 of the best Gone Liftin’ approved Whey Protein supplements: Continue Reading…

Protein Recipes

Get the blandness out of your whey, and start making your whey meals more interesting!

Proteins are the essential building blocks of muscles in your body. If you lift weights, then you’re no doubt familiar with whey protein supplements.

This article isn’t about the science behind the different proteins. This article is going to focus on those who are sick and bored of the same ol’ protein shakes, day in and day out. Protein doesn’t have to be consumed solely in a shaker cup, post-workout. Don’t get me wrong, protein should ALWAYS be consumed post workout (specifically whey). But we want to add some variety to that sometimes chalky protein powder.

Foods to Add to Your Whey Protein Shakes

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