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Before doing any type of training or activity, warming up and loosening up your muscles is crucial! Proper warm-ups decrease injury chance, prepare the muscle for the rigors of training, and make you loose and relaxed. Too many peeps jump right into training or sporting without the proper kind of warm-up. This makes us sad :(

There is this really awesome warm-up known as The DeFranco Agile 8. It is named after the “inventor” of said warm-up, Joe DeFranco. While Joe has his own site and training facilities and what-have-you, Gone Liftin’ is gonna reference an article he wrote for, called DeFranco Agile 8. Not very creative, is it? Just kidding, JoeyContinue Reading…

Make sure to incorporate the proper type of streching into your routine.

Make sure to incorporate the proper type of streching into your routine.

When looking up this article about stretching, the obvious question is:

I’ve gotten into the habit of walking into the gym and beginning my workout without warming up. Should I stretch or warm up? What’s the best practice?

Should I stretch? How often should I stretch? What kind of stretching should I do?

The idea of stretching is to elongate the muscle and get your muscles “warmed up,” in a sense, before some sort of physical activity. There are many different schools of thoughts on stretching. Some live by it, some don’t utilize it at all. As most of you know surely know, there is more than one way of stretching.

Usually, when the average Joe hears stretching, they think they are going to sit or stand just hold a certain stretch position for a pre-determined amount of time. That’s cool and all but that isn’t the only, or even the most effective, way of stretching the muscles. Continue Reading…