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In a previous, Gone Liftin’ article, Tempo Training: Count Your Way To Gains, we discovered and learned the benefits of training by varying your rep-tempo schemes. If ya didn’t read it, make sure and go back and do so!

Another article we feel inclined to recommend, is Tempo Training Taken To The Court, found on, which has a pretty good view about certain aspects involving tempo training and where it comes in handy, and other aspects where it needs to be looked at slightly more closely to make sure it’s actually benefitting us instead of stale-mating us…

The practicality and implementation of tempo training is a controversial issue in the realm of program design. There are so many different variables associated with tempo training, so much so, that training with slow reps and extremely fast reps could each be classified as forms of Tempo Training – but for the sake of this article we are going to classify tempo training under the category of slower movements for the purpose of muscle growth, otherwise known as hypertrophy.

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In the world of training, whether hardcore or casual, there are more methods and techniques than we have time to decipher. Tons of different methodologies and approaches work for certain people, and just as many don’t work, for certain people. From low volume to high frequency to whatever, training methods need to be tweaked, manipulated, and changed often. Why? To keep the body shocked, guessing, and progressing, that’s why!


In reality, whilst designing a proper program for gym time, thinking about tempo and other “subtle” nuances, is not really in the foreground. Rather, we would rather pick some bangin’ exercises, decide if we are gonna max out, work to failure, have endurance days, blah blah blah… Nothin’ wrong with that as far as we can tell. But what if we wanted to try an approach that stimulates muscles in a way that yields textbook hypertrophy? Lifting weights is not always as simple as just going into the gym, moving some shit around, and calling it a day. I mean, don’t get us wrong, it IS about that, but there lots of… well… let’s go with nuances, again – I like that word! Continue Reading…

Everyone who lifts weights has a “thing” that they swear by. Whether it’s a staple exercise or a certain technique, someone will always try and push their methodologies on someone else, debating that their way of training is second to none. That may or may not be true, but as everyone is different and reacts to protocols differently, it is impossible to say whether one training philosophy is better or worse than the next. What we can do, however, is to compare different methodologies and see which ones fit better into your lifestyle, or maybe even combine a variety of training methods to see which fits best. Here, we are gonna talk about CrossFit. Now then… some of you might wanna crucify us for talking about the dreaded CrossFit, and others may want to sing our praises – whatever you wanna do… is cool wit us, yo!

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Without a doubt, for those of us that are all about the iron game, there are those “staple” exercises that we just cannot do without. For damn good reason, too – cause they are awesome and effective!!

Though there are tons and tons of these staple exercises that we all utilize, we wanted to touch on a few important ones that we picked up from this article called The Top 4 Gym Mistakes Causing Back Pain (and How to Fix Them), found on

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Sprinting is arguably the best high intensity exercise for MELTING body fat!!!

Sprinting is arguably the best high intensity exercise for MELTING body fat!!!

No, the title of the article was not a misprint. We did not mean hit – we meant HIIT – as in High Intensity Interval Training.

For far too long, gyms been filled with men and women doing the treadmill, stairmaster, elliptical, etc. for countless, boring minutes! What the hell is the point? Slow steady-state cardio has far and wide been proven inferior to HIIT type of caridio. Stop wasting your time!

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

HIIT involves short, explosive bursts of about 15-45 seconds, followed by 30-90 seconds of slow pace (or rest altogether), and then repeating the cycle for about 15-20 minutes.

HIIT does not burn your hard earned muscle, and it primarily focuses on using fat for energy, rather than carbs for energy which slow steady-state cardio does.

HIIT has been scientifically proven, many times, to be the superior form of cardio for athletes and lifters of all varieties – goals do not matter. The concept is the same – you do HIIT – you lose fat!

Not only that, but studies have shown that HIIT also increases your max VO2 oxygen levels, which was once an argument for keeping traditional cardio in your routine. This myth has been debunked, thankfully. HIIT rules all!!

Let it be known, HIIT cardio can be done with almost anything traditional cardio can be done with. Treadmills, elliptical, running, stationary bike, jump rope, and the list goes on and on.

The only thing different is you are going balls-to-the-wall as hard and fast as you can, followed by slightly longer slower pace, or rest, in between your explosive bursts. What a workout! Continue Reading…

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Female Weight Training
Female weight training - cut the shit ladies - hit the gym!

Female weight training – cut the shit ladies – hit the gym!

This article outlines a great 12 week workout plan for women at the beginner to intermediate level. You’ll be shocked at the transformation in just 12 weeks. Don’t worry – you won’t get huge muscles! But your clothes will definitely fit better and your curves will pop!

If you’ve read through Part 1 and Part 2 thoroughly, you should have a good understand of the core exercises and how to do them with proper form.

This article will explain how to put it all into action!

We found this routine from this article from, and we liked it very much.

Go over to that article and have a look at the routine, and we also will have that routine here below, but with a slight Gone Liftin’ touch added to it… Continue Reading…

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Female Weight Training
Female weight training is a great way for the ladies to get the body of their dreams!

Female weight training is a great way for the ladies to get the body of their dreams!

Well girls, Part 1 introduced you to the reasons why women should weight train, and the core exercises all females should be doing in the gym.

However, those exercises are not the only ones you ladies will be working with. The exercises in Part 1 are the staples of any female’s routine to get them the right curves and build overall muscular development for proper fitness levels, and health.

Now we move on to the remaining exercises that will be implemented into your routine. Pay attention, and don’t skip any part of this… Continue Reading…

Female Weight Training Guide

September 11, 2013
This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Female Weight Training
Female weight training is avoided by many ladies, for fear of getting too "big and buky." Stop this lunacy, ladies...

Female weight training is avoided by many ladies, for fear of getting too “big and buky.” Stop this lunacy, ladies…

When it comes to weight training for women, many have problems figuring out exactly how to start and what they should do.

For other women, there is also a fear that they’ll “get too big and bulky.” This myth that has existed for a number of years, and most ladies still buy into it. It’s lunacy, is what it is!

Getting big or skinny or toned or defined or whatever adjective you want to use to describe your body, is not about weight lifting. It’s about the kitchen! No, this isn’t a “women belong in the kitchen” joke.

What we mean is your food intake will determine what kind of body you will have. 70% of weight loss or weight gain is due to what you eat. Training with weights will add that nice shape and definition, and add to your overall health, giving you the total package!

Venus Factor - Weight loss for women videoWe came across an article from called The Ultimate Female Training Guide, and it has great background information about weight training for females. It even has a 12 week routine, along with alot of other good information. We don’t really wanna get too much into the specifics of that article, as it is a hefty one with great info (so you should have a look).

What we want to do is go over a workout routine for you ladies to start doing and reaping the benefits from.

Firstly, we are going to go over the very best, mandatory exercises that are great for adding the right kind of curves, and overall muscular development. Don’t skimp on these exercises! Continue Reading…