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It’s no secret that in any sport or activity (or life in general), mobility plays a role of the utmost importance. Just like it’s important to be flexible, as we noted in our article When Should I Stretch? How Should I Stretch?, it is as equally important (if not more important) to be mobile and agile. If you lack proper mobility, you are seriously prone to injuries and bad form. This is a BIG no-no! Poor mobility negates proper form, and poor form ups injury proneness – this is something that MUST be beaten into our heads!!! Too many athletes, particularly of the young variety, hit the gym hard with no regard for their form and their mobility. They can get away with it since youth is on their side, but in the long run, they are doing waaaay more harm then good. Do things the right the first time – do things right ALL the time!!! Continue Reading…

Patience is a vital ingredient in the big recipe of success!

Patience is a vital ingredient in the big recipe of success!

All of us who are in the iron / fitness game are looking to be the best we can be. That’s a great mentality to have, obviously.

However, some of us try and go balls-to-the-wall too hard and too quick without realizing we are doing more harm than good. Enter the virtue of patience. Without proper patience and planning, it is far too easy to overtrain, get injured, get lost in one’s own head, etc.

It Can Take Months Or Years To Become An Overnight Success

We MUST be patient in order to be successful in our given field / activity. Patience is not to be overlooked, as it is the key intangible ingredient to enhance the tangible ingredients in our plans. Continue Reading…