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It’s no secret that in any sport or activity (or life in general), mobility plays a role of the utmost importance. Just like it’s important to be flexible, as we noted in our article When Should I Stretch? How Should I Stretch?, it is as equally important (if not more important) to be mobile and agile. If you lack proper mobility, you are seriously prone to injuries and bad form. This is a BIG no-no! Poor mobility negates proper form, and poor form ups injury proneness – this is something that MUST be beaten into our heads!!! Too many athletes, particularly of the young variety, hit the gym hard with no regard for their form and their mobility. They can get away with it since youth is on their side, but in the long run, they are doing waaaay more harm then good. Do things the right the first time – do things right ALL the time!!! Continue Reading…

Change your perceptions of "good posture," and finally start standing the proper way!

Change your perceptions of “good posture,” and finally start standing the proper way!

You think you’ve been standing right this whole time, eh?

If you’re living in a modern society, then chances are your idea of good posture is not actually what good posture is, according to this interesting article from The author of the article, Nate Green, states:

Apparently, I’ve been standing wrong for 28 years.
Well, no, that’s not quite right. I’ve been standing wrong ever since I started working out (about 10 years ago) and learned that “good posture” was to keep your chest high and shoulders back.
Turns out that’s NOT good posture.
Chris told me so, the other day when I was working out at his gym. He said, “your chest is puffed up too much and your shoulders are too far back.
I told him I didn’t even know that was a thing. That’s how I thought you were supposed to stand.

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Injuries suck!! Don’t let injuries drag you down

We humans, specifically athletes, tend to get injured. Now, when I say athletes, I mean anyone from the professional athlete, to the blue collar guy that goes to the gym daily to bust his ass. If you work hard, eat right, and stay dedicated, you’re an athlete in my book.

So let’s move on: Injuries suck. They not only kill you physically, but they also bring you down mentally and emotionally. Whether it’s a three month long shoulder injury, or a one month long leg injury, an injury does not necessarily mean you need to halt all exercising completely.

Yes, you need to be more careful (way more careful), but you should do the exact opposite of stopping your workouts. You should take this time to catch up on some under-trained muscles (you know you got ’em. Nobody’s perfect).
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