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The Muscle Fibers Within

February 16, 2021 — Leave a comment

Grrrrr muscles!!! I love muscles – you love muscles – he loves muscles – she loves muscles! Moral of the story? People love muscles. Muscles are alot more than some sexy, bulging, veiny protrusions popping out from bodies. We are going to discuss Muscle Fibers up in here. Knowing what a muscle is more than just going to do Bicep Curls, knowing your muscles will grow. There is science behind muscular hypertrophy, just like there is science behind anything. Let’s delve in…

Muscles, Muscles, Muscles

We know what muscle is, but do we actually know what muscle is?? Muscle is soft tissue that is found in animalsMy muscles ain’t soft, biatch!“. Maybe they aren’t, tough guy, but they are still considered soft tissue – deal with it! Muscles produce force and motion – they are responsible for changing our posture, starting and stopping a movement, as well as control of our internal organs. Muscle requires oxidation of fats and carbohydrates to be powered, and requires protein to get big and strong. We all know this – this is basic, elementary education.

But are muscles just muscles? No!! There is more to muscle than meets the eye… Continue Reading…