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Jump Squats Reborn

October 31, 2013 — Leave a comment


Ahhh… Squats. Yes, Squats! We all know what Squats are. If you don’t, you’re stupid! No, just kidding… but seriously…

The Squat is commonly referred to as the KING of all exercises, and for damn good reason! The muscle recruitment and the shear power built from heavy Squats is second to very few, if any, other power exercises. The most common type of Squat is the good old fashioned back squat, as seen below… Continue Reading…

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Explosive strength training is crucial for athletes of all varieties.

Explosive strength training is crucial for athletes of all varieties.

Explosiveness cannot really be defined. If you have explosive strength, you can strike like a cobra. You have the power – you have the speed – you have the movement.

As an example, let’s use boxing. If a fighter has tremendous explosive strength, he can quickly go from a defensive shell to a very fast, powerful strike, with little lag in between switching directions and angles.

When the muscles carry explosive power, the rate at which they move and the power they produce is quite high. Explosive strength is vital for many sports (ie boxing, football, basketball, hockey, etc).

How Do We Train For Explosive Strength?

To train for explosive strength and power, you have to “explode” when you are performing your exercises. This is hard to get down on paper, but exploding when performing strength exercises includes anything from quick jumps, lateral slides, claps, and very fast repetitive movements. You are being explosive, ballistic, FAST! Continue Reading…