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Eat Fat, Get Fit: Part 2

November 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

Eat Fat, Get Fit started you off with 3 reasons / charts of why saturated fat ingestion is uber important. We are gonna finish up here in the 2nd part, and sincerely hope that whoever reading this that is deathly scared of saturated fats, changes their mind and their perceptions on this misunderstood fat. Just take a look below at just how ‘not bad’ saturated fat can be when controlled, and the benefits it provides…


Do ya see? DO YA SEE?! Saturated fat isn’t pushed toward the “good” nor the “bad” I’m not gonna preach and say saturated fat is a godsend and is fantastic. It’s no secret that diets high in saturated fats trans fats lead to coronary diseases and obstructions. This isn’t a secret. But like with most things, if controlled and monitored, saturated fat has MANY health benefits! Continue Reading…

Eat Fat, Get Fit

November 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

Seriously?! Seriously!! The one disservice the fitness and nutrition industry has done that stands out more than the rest, is demonizing the consumption of fats – saturated fats, primarily. Ask anyone who is on a diet, and the lowest macro they usually consume (or don’t consume, rather) is almost always fat. But whyyyyyy??? Fat consumption is not only essential for your body to turn on its metabolic furnace to burn fat, but it just so happens that the brain THRIVES on fat, well being that the human brain is 60% fat and all…

But there is no possible way that all these years we have been conditioned to avoid saturated fats, were all for naught… could it be? ‘Tis ’tis. Saturated fat, when controlled, not only could be consumed, but SHOULD be consumed. This does not mean your entire fat intake throughout the day should consist of saturated fats. But avoiding them every chance you get, is actually a pretty good way to increase your chances of heart disease, not decrease them. Say whaaaa?! It’s true! In this piece, we are gonna discuss, and even show you, why people who consume more saturated fats are actually leaner, healthier, and have significantly less chances of heart disease. We found this interesting article called 6 Charts That Show How The War On Fat Was A Gigantic Mistake, and it’s fuckin’ awesome! We liked it, needless to say… Continue Reading…

Throw in a cheat meal into your diet regime to manipulate your body composition in a positive way.

Throw in a cheat meal into your diet regime to manipulate your body composition in a positive way.

No, this isn’t an article on stealthy ways to cheat on your spouse or significant other. Sorry guys!

Strict dieting can be gruesome. It gets bland, it gets mundane, and it gets psychologically taxing, especially when those cravings kick in.

Luckily, it can be extremely beneficial for your body composition to throw in a cheat meal here and there. As this article from clearly states,

Cheat days, or what I call “refeed” days, shouldn’t be a green light for an all out sloth, but rather a strategically planned aspect of a well implemented fat loss diet.

Cheat – but with Moderation and Mindfulness

Are cheat meals worth it? You betcha! Continue Reading…