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Change your perceptions of "good posture," and finally start standing the proper way!

Change your perceptions of “good posture,” and finally start standing the proper way!

You think you’ve been standing right this whole time, eh?

If you’re living in a modern society, then chances are your idea of good posture is not actually what good posture is, according to this interesting article from The author of the article, Nate Green, states:

Apparently, I’ve been standing wrong for 28 years.
Well, no, that’s not quite right. I’ve been standing wrong ever since I started working out (about 10 years ago) and learned that “good posture” was to keep your chest high and shoulders back.
Turns out that’s NOT good posture.
Chris told me so, the other day when I was working out at his gym. He said, “your chest is puffed up too much and your shoulders are too far back.
I told him I didn’t even know that was a thing. That’s how I thought you were supposed to stand.

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Male body types

The Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph

Too fat? Too skinny? Too muscle-bound?

It seems like some of us have pre-determined body types, despite how we eat or how we exercise. “Some of us will always be skinny, and others will always be fat” (an untrue statement which you will later see…) While Mother Nature has pre-disposed many of us to a certain body type, it is something that hard work and sheer determination can overcome.

Determining your body type you can be beneficial. We’re all unique snowflakes, so it makes sense to customize diet and workout plans for specific body types. Is it absolutely necessary to know your body type for diet and exercise? Of course not!

But it is helpful to know and understand your body type for optimal results while dieting and exercising. General workout and diet plans will get you 80%, even 90% of the way to your goals. But for that last 10%, specializing your workouts and more so your diet will have a huge impact.

Determining Your Body Type

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