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The Man -The Myth - The Legend - The Oak

The Man -The Myth – The Legend – The Oak

Who doesn’t love a good arm?? We do! The arms, along with the pecs, are basically a central focal point for just about everyone. When first meeting someone or seeing someone for the first time, the first thing you generally notice is the size of their arms. Continue Reading…

The biceps muscle is a focal point for many when it comes to determining if one is strong or not...

The biceps muscle is a focal point for many when it comes to determining if one is strong or not…

The biceps muscle is a popular one.

You walk into any gym and you will undoubtedly see someone grunting and moaning working their guns.

Forget the fact that the biceps muscle is the smallest of the major muscle groups and that the triceps is what actually gives your arms their size and fullness– let’s continue to obliterate our biceps all day in hopes of getting Arnold-like pythons.

Allow us to shed some light on what is considered top secret: Biceps are useless. It could very well be the least useful muscle in the body. The only thing the biceps seem to be good for is attracting others to your physique. Biceps, in our opinion, are for pure vanity.

That is not to say, however, that training them is a negative thing. I mean, let’s face it – we live in a superficial world, and if your arms look nice, people pay attention to you.

Just make sure you know the more important muscle group of your arms – the one that actually makes your arms – is the triceps, not the biceps!

The Best Exercises for Biceps

Just for those that refuse to leave the gym without getting that lactic acid pump that makes their bi’s look swole, we are going to list the very best biceps exercises that add size, girth, density, and actual strength! Continue Reading…

Get those biceps workin'!!

Get those biceps workin’!!

Welcome back! You made it to Part 2, which means that you are severely interested in getting the guns of your dreams.

Part 1 listed 4 of the best biceps exercises. Here in Part 2 we are gonna get the remaining 6 out of the way so you can hit the gym and waste an entire workout on biceps training.

Great… Just kidding. But seriously, we’re not…

5. Wide-Grip Standing Barbell Curl

Taking a wider-than-normal grip will cause you to externally rotate at the shoulder, so your humerus changes its position. This prompts more involvement from the short head of the biceps.

Continue Reading…