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Muscle recovery is important to making progress!

Muscle recovery is important to making progress!

If you stumbled across here without having a look at part 1 of Improve Your Athletic Recovery, make sure to go back and do so.

If you are acquainted with the previous 3 tips for muscle recovery, then let’s move onto the remaining 3…

4. Sleep

Probably the most important aspect not just for muscle recovery, but for overall health and well-being as well. Gone Liftin’ has a pretty good article on the effects of sleep, which you can find here. But anyhow, we feel the urge to reiterate – GET YOUR FUCKING SLEEP!!!

This is THE MOST important aspect to recovery. If you don’t sleep well and enough you wont recover, period. There is no substitution for sleep, absolutely nothing! The most important aspect of sleep is hormonal regulation and the bodies secretion pf vital chemicals such as cortisol, melatonin, serotonin, dopamine, testosterone and growth hormone, to name just a few. The problem with not getting enough sleep and putting your body under stress with high intensity strength training and other training styles is that you can chronically start producing more cortisol than any other hormone, leading to lack of recovery.

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Learn the best tips and tricks to increase your recovery time and always feel refreshed!

Learn the best tips and tricks to increase your recovery time and always feel refreshed!

When we workout, we get sore. Why do we get sore? Because you are ripping your muscle fibers apart, and just as important as it is to work hard day in and day out, recovery and the time you are not in the gym or on the field is even more important!

The premise is simple – the more frequency and volume you have in your workouts, the more you have to compensate with food and rest. You can’t go to your limits everyday and expect to sustain that kind of intensity without proper recovery and relaxation. It’s not rocket science…

We came across an interesting article from titled 6 Easy Tricks To Improve Athletic Recovery. The article is basic yet genius in its entirety. It simply and easily lists some good ass tips for improving your muscle recovery so you can keep making those gains, instead of wasting your valuable gym time by not recovering properly. Continue Reading…

Make sure to balance all the areas of athletic development, to become a well rounded athlete.

Make sure to balance all the areas of athletic development, to become a well rounded athlete.

Let’s clear things up first and foremost: just because you are a bodybuilder, for example, does not make you an “athlete,” by definition.

Having athleticism is not merely about being big and strong. You may look better than certain athletes, and be bigger, and be stronger, but that does not equate to being athletic. Athleticism isn’t just about being big and strong.

There is a very, VERY strong article that the geniuses over at recently wrote about…

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Athleticism requires movement quality, coordination, strength, and speed – in that order.
  • It’s a lot easier to pack on size and strength if you’re flexible and move well.
  • Focus only on movements that have the highest carryover to other things.

When it comes to athleticism, the general adage is that you will be forced to give up on a certain aspect of development, to prioritize another area for your given sport or activity. With athletics, unfortunately, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Your Sport Takes Priority When Training

Let’s take boxing for example: in order to be a successful fighter, you need to box. You need to spar, you need to hit the heavy bag, you need to work the mitts with a trainer, and so on and so forth.

Weight lifting can be good for boxing too, obviously, but it is not a staple and it does not take priority over boxing specific training. That is what we mean by having to give up one aspect of training to focus on a more “important” one. And note, I say important loosely, because when it comes to athleticism, EVERYTHING is important! Continue Reading…