The Best Supplements for Women

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Some key supplements when combined with a proper diet can really enhance your fitness

Venus Factor - Weight loss for women videoGone Liftin’ gave a very brief rundown of some good supplements for men in the Best Supplements for Men article, and I also wanted to list briefly some good supplements for women as well. This will be brief and to the point. Here they are…

  • Iron – carries oxygen in the blood – production of red blood cells – supports immune function.
  • Folate – produce and maintain new cells – proper nervous system balance – brain function.
  • Multivitamin – vitamins and minerals.
  • Calcium – keeps bones and teeth strong – helps blood vessels contract and expand properly.
  • Omega 3 – proper brain function – reduces high blood pressure – reduces inflammation.
  • Magnesium – muscle and nerve function – keeps heart rhythm steady – regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Probiotics – aids in digestion – fights off bad bacteria.
  • Flax seeds – reduces total blood cholesterol – laxative qualities.
  • Antioxidants – fights off diseases – aids in fat loss.
  • B Complex Vitamins – convert food into energy – healthy skin, hair, eyes – maintain metabolism.

Again, none of these are set in stone, and are not necessarily required. But these supplements can definitely help females, along with a healthy diet and a legitimate workout program. Supplements will never replace real food and hard work, but they can certainly help with supplementing said real food and hard work.

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