Supplement Buying Guide: Be Aware!

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Know what to buy - where to buy - how to buy - why to buy

Know what to buy – where to buy – how to buy – why to buy

Nowadays, there are more supplements than we can keep track of. So many companies pop out of the wood work all of a sudden and claim to be the best. Like with anything, there is pure and utter marketing trash designed to rob you, and there are actually some legitimate companies trying to sell a legitimate product. The latter may seem far and few between these days, but there are actually good companies out there with a good creedo and a good product.

Many supplements you see and take are not what they seem to be. There’s alot of trickery, hoaxes, and great marketing out there today, simply designed to burn a hole in your pocket – BE AWARE!!! Before going out and just buying any old supplement, whether in a store or online, it is important to know some basics about purchasing supplements safely so you are not putting total shit in your body, and so that you are not wasting your hard-earned money!

What To Look For And What To Do

There’s supplements sold in the USA, obviously, that are equally good and equally bad as supplements sold abroad. You might find cheaper supplements out of the country, but who the hell knows where and how they were made, and what’s actually in them! It is imperative to keep a mindful and open eye on what you are consuming and how-and-where you’re buying it from. Don’t be stupid and don’t be willingly blind trying to justify to your own self that you made the right decision by buying a certain supp. Use that brain, or those supps might very well destroy it! Know what to be mindful of…

The Label

If anything has the words “prescription strength” or “pharmaceutical grade” or “won’t be legal soon,” that is generally a red flag. Prescription strengths drugs are only available by prescription for a reason. They are not for everyone, and a qualified healthcare practitioner needs to advise what to take if you can’t get it over the counter. Simple as that. Watch out for these silly marketing ploys on supplements you’re looking at, as there could potentially be some harmful chemicals and additives in them…

The Language

If you’re buying supplements abroad (which can be fine as long as the company is reputable) to save money, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Any legit company worth its weight in salt will have proper English on the bottle. Make sure to pay attention to little subtleties about the language and make sure it’s not some mom & pop company that just popped out of nowhere and is trying to steal your money by masking their bullshit product with some fancy English lettering, when really it reads like a 2nd grader writing a report for a college class. The language and grammar on supplement bottles is overlooked mostly always, but you should now pay close attention, no matter where you get your stuff from…

The Claims

There are no such things as miracles. Hard and work dedication supercede EVERYTHING! Bottles that have the words “miracle cure” or “works rapidly” or “will work wonders” are to be second-guessed. Supplements are designed to SUPPLEMENT a proper diet and exercise regime. They are not supposed to alter anything magically without hard work and dedication, so be careful not to fall into the ploy and scam of thinking there is a magical pill or cure that will replace proper dieting and exercising…

Now You Know!

These here clues should give you some insight and some stuff to look for when purchasing your supplements. Be careful not to be tricked or fooled into buying something that you don’t need or something that could potentially be harmful to you in the long run. Keep a keen eye on whatever you purchase that will be going into your body! If you’re interested on type of supplements you should be looking into, you can check out our two articles for some assistance:

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