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November 1, 2013 — 1 Comment

This ain’t your everyday “eat more protein” piece, so get ready to read. Dis gon’ be goooood!

In the olden days, bodybuilders and athletes always made sure to get an X amount of protein each day. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles and they make your muscles get big and strong, which we all want. However, with the advancement of science and technology, just getting an X amount of protein per day is seemingly not enough. Don’t get us wrong, calculating protein requirements based on goals and bodyweight is an absolute must, but certain tweaks and advanced methods need to be applied to stay ahead of the curve.

Certain foods have certain properties – some better than others, and what we want, is to make each individual property of the food we ingest to work for us to make the best out of those nutrients and utilize them to the greatest of efficiencies. And guess what else? Certain proteins can actually alter our internal mechanisms and environment to create body conditions specific to our goals. Be it weight gain, fat loss, or recovery – protein manipulation and utilization covers all those bases!

So I don’t get it. Is this just an article about knowing when and how to eat protein and what kind?? ‘Tis ’tis… but it’s alot more than that, too! We are gonna talk about a revolutionary new dietary / protein ingestion protocol called Protein Pulse Feeding.


What’s one of the main reasons we ingest protein? It’s to create an anabolic state and grow muscle. For those of you nervous about looking like a shit-brick-house, growing muscle doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to blow up and be a massive bodybuilder type, it simply means your muscles will continue to get bigger, denser, and stronger. Everyone likes some good muscle!

Some Education For Ya

Various foods have various anabolic density levels. Basically, different foods can elevate your protein synthesis levels for a certain period of time. To learn more about the different kinds of proteins, hit up The Protein Manifesto. Just a brief example – Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolates are very fast digesting proteins, and Casein Proteins are slower digesting proteins. We aren’t saying that protein supplements are your only means to gain the effect of anabolic density from food, it’s just that protein supplements are commonly and widely used in the fitness lifestyle, and for the purposes of the best Protein Pulse Feeding effects, the powders are what you’re gonna want. So, now we’re clear, and it’s safe to move on…

The Pulse

So what the hell is this Protein Pulsing thang already?! Ok, ok, enough foreplay… Protein Pulsing is simple: it simply means to spike the level and the amount of amino acids rushing into the blood by utilizing very fast digesting proteins. A very anabolically enhanced protein source will significantly stimulate your protein synthesis. Protein Pulsing can increase the rate of amino acid absorption by up to 5 times, according to various studies!! Holy moly!! We should probably also advise you to get very familiar with amino acids and why they’re fantastic and paramount…

The Amino Acid Manifesto
The Amino Acid Manifesto – Essential Amino Acids
BCAAs – Branched Chain Amino Acids – Awesome

In A Nutshell

I bet you’re thinking just exactly how this is different from your average, everyday protein consumption, aren’t ya? If you aren’t thinking that, then you probably aren’t really into this article, and that’s a shame, as the latter is the main question / concern here. It all sounds like redundant verbiage about simply drinking your protein shakes, doesn’t it? Yep… it sure does! But, it isn’t! Let’s carry on a little deeper…

In layman’s terms: during certain periods throughout the day, our blood amino acid levels are low, and when we ingest protein, we are also ingesting amino acids. The rise in amino acids dictates our muscle growth, recovery, and so on. The more amino acid uptake into our blood => the more protein synthesis => the more muscle growth. Quickly spike the amount of amino acids delivered to your cells, and reap the immense benefits – this is the main concept of Protein Pulse Feeding.

Does this all sound familiar to you?? Something along the lines of creating an insulin spike to increase protein synthesis, maychance? You got it! Manipulating insulin is another sure fire way to increase protein synthesis and absorption. Though similar in methodology and concept, that is a horse of a different color, and it is recommended to visit The Insulin Manifesto Series for more info on that aspect, as we don’t wanna clutter this piece…


The Type

As mentioned throughout this article, fast digesting proteins are THE protein source to ingest to get the most benefit of the Protein Pulse. Using something like Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, Whey Protein Peptides, and / or Whey Protein Isolates (though the previous 2 have a much faster rate of absorption) is the modus operandi here. Amino Acid supplements are also good to ingest when Protein Pulse Feeding

The When

Protein Pulse Feeding can technically be used at any time. Many say that the best time to utilize such a protocol, is upon first awakening. Why is that? Well, when we first wake up, our bodies are pretty much empty, and our amino acid levels in the blood are pretty damn low. This kind of state totally primes the body for protein uptake, and utilization will be at its highest! If you’re a morning cardio type of person, that’s ok too, since protein will not prevent or halt your body from burning fat.

Though Protein Pulse Feeding can be utilized at virtually any time, there is a slight catch (isn’t there always…) to benefit from the protocol. Your blood amino acid levels have to be low to moderate. In order for your protein drink / amino acid drink to have great benefits of the pulse, it needs to be consumed at least 3 hours after your last solid meal, where amino acids in your blood are starting to get low. Otherwise, the recovery stimulus will not be accelerated as much as it could and should.

The Additives

Dono about you guys, but we at Gone Liftin’ usually add stuff to our protein shakes. Whether it’s Dextrose Sugar to get that insulin spike, or cocoa powder for flavor, or creatine, or whatever, lots of people mix their post-workout shakes with whatever tickles their fancy. That’s cool, breh!

To optimize the prime anabolism from Protein Pulse Feeding, we have to be mindful of what we put in to our shakes. Since we want the protein to absorb as fast as humanly possible, whatever we add to our shakes, needs to be something that absorbs super quick and dissolves easily in water. Creatine is a good example of an additive to your protein shakes. Depending on the sitch, certain carbs (such as the above mentioned Dextrose Sugar) are ok, too. Just make sure and understand what you’re putting in there, what it’s going to do, and how it’s gonna do it! Under no circumnstances are you to add fat to this equation, as fat slows the digestion and will highly negate pulsing effect, making the pulse feeding all but useless for our purposes.

Wrap Up

Well that just about covers the beauty of Protein Pulse Feeding! Pretty simple though, isn’t it? This is nothing more than supplementing with whey protein and / or amino acids, like you already have, except manipulating and tweaking time tables and amounts in order to increase the anabolic environment and active nutrition inside your body. To optimize our muscle growth, strength, size, power, recovery, etc, we need to Protein Pulse! Plain and simple!! The anabolic effects of whey have been known about for many years, obviously. The effect of the active nutrition within your body through the protocol of Protein Pulse Feeding, however, is more recent, even though it’s been under our noses for a looooong time. Time to rethink your protein shakes and your nutrition in general.

Gets to pulsin’ y’allz!!!

Lush Sleutsky

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  1. is adding glutamine and bcaa to those shakes ok for pulsing? I also have a carbohydrate powder by vitargo that I take as well,just wanna make sure that by me inputting these into my whey wont effect the pulse. thank you

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