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Change your perceptions of "good posture," and finally start standing the proper way!

Change your perceptions of “good posture,” and finally start standing the proper way!

You think you’ve been standing right this whole time, eh?

If you’re living in a modern society, then chances are your idea of good posture is not actually what good posture is, according to this interesting article from The author of the article, Nate Green, states:

Apparently, I’ve been standing wrong for 28 years.
Well, no, that’s not quite right. I’ve been standing wrong ever since I started working out (about 10 years ago) and learned that “good posture” was to keep your chest high and shoulders back.
Turns out that’s NOT good posture.
Chris told me so, the other day when I was working out at his gym. He said, “your chest is puffed up too much and your shoulders are too far back.
I told him I didn’t even know that was a thing. That’s how I thought you were supposed to stand.

Can you believe it?! Was your mind just blown?? All this time what we thought to be “good posture,” wasn’t really good posture at all…


We know, we know. We were a little shocked ourselves. All these years of getting the so called “perfect posture” beaten into our heads, has all been a fallacy! Yikes!

“Good Posture” Hurts Us in The Gym

We need to change our perception of what a good posture is, because apparently it’s not only affecting our standing properly, it seemingly affects what we do in the gym wrong too. Ohhhh heeell noo!!

…not only is my chest up, shoulders back posture making me stand wrong, it’s making me do everything wrong.
Kettlebell swings. Dumbbell rows. Lunges.
Name an exercise, and my “rigid action figure” posture is probably making it less effective, making me weaker, and potentially setting me up for an injury.

This is clearly unacceptable, to athletes and couch potatoes alike. But why? Well, as Nate Green will tell you in his posture article:

…because chest up, shoulders back “creates external rotation in the ribcage and thoracic spine, which creates a suboptimal position for the scapula to function, and thus all of the muscles in your upper torso.”

And also, “it negatively impacts strength, puts more strain on the lower back, and raises the risk of developing pain and injury.”

So… the posture we have all been taught to get down to a tee, is actually causing our bodies more harm then good. We don’t even know who to be mad at for this, but it’s freakin’ aggravating!

OK, OK – How Do We Fix Our Posture Problem

While it would behoove you to go over this good write up about correcting your posture, Gone Liftin’ will also list the 3 things you can do to correct your evidently poor posture…

1. Become Aware Of Your Posture When Working Out

This means that you have to change your perception of good posture, which correlates with changing your perception of good form, doesn’t it? When you are doing exercises like lunges and rows, try and keep your ribs down and not lift your chest up, as a good start to correcting your stance.

2. Do Dead Bugs

No, not as in fornicating with insects that are recently deceased.

Dead bugs is an exercise. It’s a hilarious exercise – by name and by execution – but it gets the job done for correcting your posture. We’ll add some pics below so you can get an idea, but for the proper steps of performing it, click this link to Nate Green’s article.

(Click the pic to enlarge)

(Click the pic to enlarge)

3. Do Wall Slides

Same concept as the Dead Bugs, just a different exercise. Check out the instructions in that same article.

(Click the pic to enlarge)

(Click the pic to enlarge)

Well, there’s the basic layout of changing your posture for the better. Just 3 simple steps.

If you need more, you know where to go – here: How Long Have You Been Standing Wrong, by Nate Green.

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