Increase Your Mobility And Decrease Injuries

October 11, 2013 — 2 Comments

It’s no secret that in any sport or activity (or life in general), mobility plays a role of the utmost importance. Just like it’s important to be flexible, as we noted in our article When Should I Stretch? How Should I Stretch?, it is as equally important (if not more important) to be mobile and agile. If you lack proper mobility, you are seriously prone to injuries and bad form. This is a BIG no-no! Poor mobility negates proper form, and poor form ups injury proneness – this is something that MUST be beaten into our heads!!! Too many athletes, particularly of the young variety, hit the gym hard with no regard for their form and their mobility. They can get away with it since youth is on their side, but in the long run, they are doing waaaay more harm then good. Do things the right the first time – do things right ALL the time!!!

Poor mobility is an invitation for unnecessary injuries and unneeded stress!
Ever hear of this fella named Max Shank? No? Shame, as he is becoming well renowned for his skills in the fitness world. Max has written articles for many different sites, but one particular piece that tickles our fancy, is an article he wrote for T-Nation called The 30 Second Mobility Cure.

In the above article, Max Shank discusses how important mobility truly isand the factors that affect it – positively and negatively, and so will we…

What is the one main thing that influences mobility for the worse? SITTING! Yep – sitting really fucks with your mobility, and if you’re an office worker, you got it even worse than those that are active and mobile for work. Yikes!

Sitting in physically damaging. Some even say that excess sitting is the smoking of our generation. Luckily, the “cure” for most mobility problems can be found in one simple, 30-second drill that you’ve never seen before – the Thoracic Bridge.

Let’s back up for a second to the sitting part. What is it that sitting does that affects our mobility in a negative way? Glad you asked. Let’s list the issues…

Sitting And Mobility Deficiencies

Sitting causes problems. Yea it’s comfy and yea it’s relaxing, but the cold hard truth, is that sitting causes major mobilitiy problems, such as:

  • Decreased Hip Mobility
  • Decreased Thoracic Mobility
  • Decreased Shoulder Mobility
  • Lack of Shoulder Stability
  • Poor Core Coordination and Strength
  • Gluteal Issues
  • Poor Posture
  • It’s pretty horrifying when you realize that excessive sitting alone can make you a poorly functioning human being.

    Well damn that sucks ass! That’s alot of BS problems that simple sitting causes. Considering how many people sit for at least 8 hours a day for work, that makes matters even worse. Is this pretty much a predetermined factor of poor mobility for office workers, for example? Hell no! Where there is a will, there is a way…

    Enter The Thoracic Bridge

    Thankfully, Max prescribes an exercises of his called The Thoracic Bridge.

    As a gym owner and traveling instructor, my job is to provide the best possible solution to movement problems and make people awesome.

    It’s simple economics: find a movement that addresses all of these problems and you have the most efficient solution to the problem. However, such a movement, as far as I knew, didn’t exist.

    Well said, Max, well said…

    After some experimentation, though, I came up with the Thoracic Bridge, which has become a staple, if not the foundation, of my mobility work.

    What exactly is The Thoracic Bridge? We’ll get to that, but first we should note that at Max Shank’s workshop, when he introduced his clients to The Thoracic Bridge,

    94% of attendees showed improved shoulder mobility
    100% of attendees showed improved hip mobility (toe touch).
    This happened in the span of 30 seconds and has since been replicated at a series of workshops.

    Not too shabby, wouldn’t ya say?!

    So let me ask you, do you have 30 seconds to spend to improve your movement quality?

    Thoracic Bridge Execution

    Ok, ok… enough foreplay! Let’s get to the actual exercise…

    Watch the above video carefully – watch the above video thoroughly!

    And yet another video with a Thoracic Bridge twist…

    Good shit! This is an exercise that is insanely easy to implement into ANY routine, and it is too important to pass up. The benefits received from performing The Thoracic Bridge will speak for themselves, and no excuses can be conjured as to why this exercise isn’t done often, as there are no time or equipment constraints. Read over this article on T-Nation if ya like, and happy bridgin’ y’allz!!

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