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Proper motivation is the number one component to true success and consisten progress.

Proper motivation is the number one component to true success and consisten progress.

Motivation – that internal feeling that makes you smile, grin and makes your blood pressure rise when you know you are about to make a new record in a lift, or sprint, or whatever it is you are trying to excel in. Without motivation, we ain’t shit! Though intangible, motivation is that thing that keeps us going through the hurt, the sweat, and the sometimes blood. Motivation makes us push through the pain, and never give up until we reached our goals!

The sad truth, however, is that motivation can sometimes be overpowered by our environment, by our bodies, but most importantly – by our minds.


This article we came across from, called Top 5 Utimate Ways To Stay Motivated, by author Melih F. Cologlu, just about perfectly lists the very best ways to stay motivated… through thick and thin…

Lets face it, if you have no spark and no motivation, you can have all the knowledge and strength but it will not get you too far!! Some of us are very self motivated, while some of us find it hard each and everyday and have to dig really deep to find motivation. For all those who find it really hard to stay motivated, you are in for a treat!! Lets get that spark and fuel your daily training and diet with the following ways to skyrocket your motivation levels.

Motivating Factors To Leap Forward

Motivation, though an internal mechanism, is something that is greatly affected by your environment and your surroundings. Many things in your life (work, school, family, etc) can affect your motivation in positive and negative ways. It is important to manipulate your surroundings to not only better yourself, but to make you an animal in the gym and on the field! If you are a motivated athlete – you are an elite athlete!!

1. Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

The very old adage of “you are a product of your environment” could not be more accurate. The things that surround you and encompass your life have a direct effect on your motivation and progress levels. You MUST be surrounded with people who share the same values and morals, as well as goals. If you aren’t, you will only make it so far before you hit that ceiling, knowingly or unknowingly…

It is crucial that you are around people who are wanting to achieve a healthy lifestyle and are positive minded. You don’t want to be in a daily environment where you are among people who will have a negative effect on you in terms of your goals and desired accomplishments. Surround yourself with positive people who will support you no matter how big or small your goals are and respect your diet choices even if it may seem a bit extreme to them.

Kinda hard to get out in words how important it is to surround yourself with people that will constantly keep pushing you forward. But we think you get the drift…

2. Read And Follow Inspirational Articles And Pictures

This may seem unnecessary and borderline douchey to some, but looking at inspirational photos, quotes, and memes, can really get your blood flowing and give you those goosebumps, not to mention the unrelenting will to succeed and be better at EVERYTHING! Seeing athletes, bodybuilders, fitness models, or whoever you are aiming to be, can truly enhance your thoughts and views on your fitness activity, and push you to that next level just when things are looking grim. Keep this in mind – things are NEVER grim. Past a certain point, your mind will play tricks on you and make you think you are not progressing, and you are moving backwards. Thwart that idea out of your head immediately! If you are keeping active and eating right and living healthy, you are ALWAYS making progress. Sometimes we, as people, just need a visual aid to give us that extra surge.

3. Change Your Training Routine To Keep It Exciting And Effective

A fitness commandment! You cannot – we repeat – CANNOT continue to make consistent goals and records on the same ol’ routine. Routines need to be changed up and manipulated as often as necessary to keep your body in shock and to keep your mind from playing tricks on you. Never let your mind, and especially your muscles, get used to something and become accustomed – this is a sure fire way to lose that movitavation that separates you from the rest…

Hitting a plateau is a very common downfall for any athlete. You get stuck in the same workout, you get comfortable and you stop progressing. The human body is so amazing at adapting to surroundings. An example of this is like getting callused hands when you train, your body creates this rough surface to fight back…it adapts. While in this case it is a good thing, unfortunately in bodybuilding the last thing you want is to adapt, the constant change in workout is the answer to progress. Once your body gets used to a training program, it expects it and it will fight to adapt as quick as it can. The goal should be the change in lifting techniques and trick the body on a frequent basis to keep progress at the highest level.

4. Treat Yourself To A Bad Ass Workout Outfit

If you look good – you feel good – if you feel good – you perform better! Having good workout apparel is probably the most underrated component of keeping motivated and making progress. It sounds silly, but just think about it – when you are looking at yourself in the mirror, or watching films of yourself, and you look aesthetically badass, you are gonna feel damn good and wanna perform at your highest potential; it’s just human nature!

You have your own style and your own ways to express yourself. It will only help to train with badass outfits to have badass training sessions. This can mean different things to different people, to some, it means hardcore where it is about training at high levels of intensity with old looking ripped up clothing and to some it means new and shiny apparel that makes them feel good to train in. No matter what it is that makes you feel your best in the gym to allow for the insane lifting sessions, then grab it and kick ass in the gym!

5. Inspire To Get Inspired – Motivate Others And Increase Self Motivation

Gone Liftin’ REALLY loves this one!! If someone looks up to you and thinks the world of you, that automatically makes you perform harder and always be at your best. If someone looks to you for inspiration, your inner fire will NOT allow for you to work sub-par, and you will be pushing yourself on world championship elite levels, no matter what! It’s always good to have people in your life that use you as a recipe for success. It not only keeps you motivated, it makes you feel better about yourself knowing someone out there is counting on you for their own motivation and goals. It’s a great feeling – a feeling that few things can surpass…

You may not know this but I can guarantee you that someone out there is inspired and motivated by you. You may not think so and you may have bigger and better goals and dreams for yourself, but someone out there may not be where you are at yet and you may be an example and a goal for them. Knowing this should be motivation enough, others looking up to you and watching you work hard and be inspired by you is a very powerful motivator for yourself as well.

Just a few things here to get that fire lit under your ass again, if it went out that is. It is inevitable to lose motivation and lose sight of your goals, TEMPORARILY! Getting right back on track and knowing what to change, is the number one motivating factor, of course, but these tips will surely get you back up if you are feeling down. You’re not down, trust us – you’re just feeling down, but you can snap out of it with a strong mind and strong factors surrounding you at all times – JUST DO IT!!

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