Improve Your Athletic Recovery – Part 2

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Muscle recovery is important to making progress!

Muscle recovery is important to making progress!

If you stumbled across here without having a look at part 1 of Improve Your Athletic Recovery, make sure to go back and do so.

If you are acquainted with the previous 3 tips for muscle recovery, then let’s move onto the remaining 3…

4. Sleep

Probably the most important aspect not just for muscle recovery, but for overall health and well-being as well. Gone Liftin’ has a pretty good article on the effects of sleep, which you can find here. But anyhow, we feel the urge to reiterate – GET YOUR FUCKING SLEEP!!!

This is THE MOST important aspect to recovery. If you don’t sleep well and enough you wont recover, period. There is no substitution for sleep, absolutely nothing! The most important aspect of sleep is hormonal regulation and the bodies secretion pf vital chemicals such as cortisol, melatonin, serotonin, dopamine, testosterone and growth hormone, to name just a few. The problem with not getting enough sleep and putting your body under stress with high intensity strength training and other training styles is that you can chronically start producing more cortisol than any other hormone, leading to lack of recovery.


Catch all that? Let’s break the most important part down real quick – Cortisol. We don’t want it. It is our enemy. Too much cortisol equals too much fat and not enough ample muscle recovery. No cortisol, NO!

5. Food

Let’s say this is the second most important tip, behind sleep. Lack of proper nutrition directly affects athletic recovery and performance. “You are what you eat” is so very, very true!

General nutrition for the athlete should revolve around nutrient rich foods. Beef, fish, eggs, nuts, vegetables, and fruits, especially berries. Consuming nutrients directly before and after your workout is key. In most cases a combination of protein and carbs, can greatly aid in maximizing the benefits of training while also speeding up the recovery process before the next session. Along with food; hydration in my opinion is vital. You must drink adequate WATER everyday! Just water, no flavoring, no sports drinks or sugary shit.


Wanna know which foods are absolutely spectacular? Check out our Superfoods article and prepare to be dazzled!

6. Cool Downs

Another overlooked and very important aspect of muscle recovery. You warm up, so why don’t you cool down? You better start!


An appropriate cool down will:

– aid in the dissipation of waste products, most importantly lactic acid
– reduce the potential for delayed onset muscle soreness
– reduce the level of adrenaline in the blood
– allows the heart rate to return to its resting rate

Well, you’re welcome guys. Don’t neglect these tips. Familiarize yourselves with ALL the tips and tricks from Part 1, and familiarize with all the tips and tricks here! Your body will thank you and your performance will always be top notch!

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