Do Not Overlook Patience As A Key Ingredient For Success

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Patience is a vital ingredient in the big recipe of success!

Patience is a vital ingredient in the big recipe of success!

All of us who are in the iron / fitness game are looking to be the best we can be. That’s a great mentality to have, obviously.

However, some of us try and go balls-to-the-wall too hard and too quick without realizing we are doing more harm than good. Enter the virtue of patience. Without proper patience and planning, it is far too easy to overtrain, get injured, get lost in one’s own head, etc.

It Can Take Months Or Years To Become An Overnight Success

We MUST be patient in order to be successful in our given field / activity. Patience is not to be overlooked, as it is the key intangible ingredient to enhance the tangible ingredients in our plans.

There’s this dude, and his name is Ross Enamait. Ross is a hardcore boxing trainer, and probably one of the most well conditioned athletes / trainers out there. Ross has published many books and instructional videos to help those in need. He knows his shit, no doubt!

Wisdom From

We came across this article from, Ross’s website / forum, and it is a damn good article detailing the importance of patience.

As a trainer, I often emphasize the importance of intelligent program design. Variables such as exercise selection, intensity, frequency, and volume must be closely monitored. However, recognizing the need to oversee these variables is not enough. We as trainers are always looking to find better ways. We scour through monthly journals in search of new material that we can pass on to our athletes. It isn’t uncommon to spend several hours each week reading new research and rereading old research. This thirst for knowledge should be commended, as knowledge is a powerful weapon. I’ll never criticize anyone who is eager to learn and improve. Yet, as we search for new and improved methods for our athletes, we often forget to share seemingly obvious advice with them.

Very well said, Ross! Couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Patience is, indeed, a great virtue to possess.

Famous novelist Leo Tolstoy (perhaps best known for War and Peace) summarized the importance of patience with the following:

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. offers some of the best conditioning and endurance training info. offers some of the best conditioning and endurance training info.

Patience And Time Will Get You To Your Goals

Patience allows us to see the bigger picture; to plan accordingly; to know how to bring out the best in ourselves at any given time. If you are impatient, than you are not working up to your full potential, and not working up to your full potential is seemingly counterproductive, is it not?

Don’t try and put all your eggs in one basket. The best way to utilize a proper approach, is to do one thing at a time, rather than convince yourself you can do everything at once. We are all only human, and everyone has limits and boundaries. No matter how indestructible you may be, no one can do everything at once. You have to plan accordingly, and have an outline of what you want to get to, and baby steps of how to get there.

Head over to this fantastic article by Ross Enamait, and enjoy the read. It’s a good one and it’s sure to change your perceptions on the importance of the key virtue which is patience!

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