Warm Up Before You Train… The Right Way!

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Before doing any type of training or activity, warming up and loosening up your muscles is crucial! Proper warm-ups decrease injury chance, prepare the muscle for the rigors of training, and make you loose and relaxed. Too many peeps jump right into training or sporting without the proper kind of warm-up. This makes us sad :(

There is this really awesome warm-up known as The DeFranco Agile 8. It is named after the “inventor” of said warm-up, Joe DeFranco. While Joe has his own site and training facilities and what-have-you, Gone Liftin’ is gonna reference an article he wrote for T-Nation.com, called DeFranco Agile 8. Not very creative, is it? Just kidding, Joey

The Agile 8 is a simple warm-up routine I’ve been using successfully for years. It’s helped powerlifters, meatheads, and other anti-mobility dudes feel better and progress faster in their workouts with fewer injuries.

The Agile 8 will make you sweat, prepare your joints, stretch your muscles, and best of all, it’ll only take ten minutes. Hell, I even do it on the days I don’t train.

Hmmm… that DOES sound appealing, does it not?

There it is, in all its glory! The Agile 8 is a fantastic method of warming up just about your entire body for whatever activity you’re deciding to go with. The video above will demonstrate all you need to know about The Agile 8. To break it down in text format for those of you that prefer reading, here it is (you’ll still need to watch the video, though):

1. Foam roll your IT band. Start just below your hip and roll up and down to your outer mid-thigh ten to fifteen times, focusing on any tight spots. Then perform ten to fifteen rolls starting at your outer mid-thigh and rolling all the way down to the outside of your knee

2. Foam roll your adductors. Start just below the crease of your hip and roll up and down your inner mid-thigh ten to fifteen times, focusing on any tight spots. Then perform ten to fifteen rolls starting at your inner mid-thigh and rolling down to the inside of your knee. Again, focus on the tight areas

3. Glute/piriformis myofacsial release with a tennis ball. Take the tennis ball and sit on one your left butt cheek with a slight tilt. Cross your left leg. Roll for 30 seconds or so. Switch cheeks and repeat. Feel free to cry

SIDE NOTE: Don’t you dare fuckin’ cry!!

4. Rollovers into “V” sits: Perform ten reps.

5. Fire hydrant circles: Perform ten forward circles and ten backward circles with each leg.

6. Mountain climbers: 20 total reps.

7. Groiners: Perform ten reps. Hold the last rep for ten seconds. Make sure to push your knees out with your upper arms while dropping your butt down.

8. Static hip flexor stretch: Perform 3 sets of 10 seconds on each leg. Complete all three sets on one side before moving to the other.

That’s all there is to the famed DeFranco Agile 8. Don’t be a fool and don’t be arrogant – do these! You will not regret it, ever! Good luck and enjoy. We are now gonna go do some Agile 8’s ourselves…

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