Time To Explode – Explosive Training: Shoulders Edition

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Having ballistic strength in the shoulders transfers over nicely to your given sport or activity.

Having ballistic strength in the shoulders transfers over nicely to your given sport or activity.

Ahhh – the last part of our Time To Explode series!

Gone Liftin’ covered, in depth, explosive training for the Legs, for the Back, and for the Chest.

Now, last but not least, we are going to dive right into building that ballistic fortitude in your delts.

The deltoid muscles really complement your physique nicely. They give you that width and that glamour, and are NOT to be neglected, ever!

Nice, muscular delts are a very aesthetically pleasing muscle, as well as a very functionally coherent muscle, in terms of athletics. Having big strong shoulders isn’t enough! Your deltoids need to have adequate explosive strength so you can perform optimally in your sport or activity.

5 Explosive Shoulder Exercises

There are alot of websites out there which detail different kinds of shoulder exercises for building ballistic power in the delts. That’s great. But why would you want to scour the internet for a bunch of different exercises, when Gone Liftin’ is giving you a comprehensive list below? Check ’em out!

1. Handstand Push Ups

Push Ups on your hands. Who woulda thought?

If you’re advanced, you can do Free Handstand Push Ups, where you just stand on your hands anywhere and start going up and down. It’s an impressive feat of strength.

However, for those of us who are not so balanced and coordinated, the version where your feet are leaning up against a wall is just fine for building explosive strength in the shoulders.

2. Push Press

The Push Press is something of a cheating Military Press.

Basically, you assume the Military Press position, squat down ever so slightly, and shoot up quickly while simultaneously pushing the weight up, with the power coming from your core and lower body.

This allows more weight to be used, as well as builds explosive strength in the delts VERY nicely!

3. Medicine Ball Overhead Throws

Simple exercise – exactly as it sounds. Grab a medicine ball and hold it over your head, and throw it against a sturdy surface, concentrating on speed throws from your delts…

4. Olympic Power Snatch

The Olympic Snatch is most definitely a full body explosive movement, but we threw it in here due to its capacity for building amazing strength, not just explosive strength, in the deltoid muscles!

Describing the instructions in words would take a very long time, as it is very form and technique sensitive. So we urge you to be extremely careful when attempting this monster exercises. This video will lay it out perfectly for you:

5. Smith Machine Shoulder Press Throws

In Time To Explode – Explosive Training: Chest Edition, we outlined an exercises known as The Smith Machine Bench Press Throw.

This shoulder variation is the same concept. We recommend doing this from your knees, as standing or sitting might not give enough clearance towards the top of the Smith Machine, and the bar will hit the top prematurely.

On your knees, get in the Shoulder Press position, and push the weight up and throw it from your palms at the top, as fast and safe as you can, and catch it on the way down and reset.
***Concentrate on keeping your back straight, and make sure not to arch it – some slight swaying will be inevitable when you move up in weight, just make sure the back and lumbar are properly aligned and not arched***

More Explosive Training Articles

Well that completes our Time To Explode series. We hope you got something useful out of it, and utilize all these exercises to build adequate ballistic strength in your primary muscles. Don’t forget to overlook the other editions of our 4 part series:

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