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Explosive Chest training is uber important for ballistic strength and speed for athletics.

Explosive Chest training is uber important for ballistic strength and speed for athletics.

After reading through our Time To Explode – Explosive Training: Legs Addition article, we are now going to move on to explosive training for the chest.

If you haven’t read our Legs Edition, it is highly recommended you do so for two reasons:

First, the legs are the foundation of your explosive strength, and if you’re legs are weak, well… no dice! The second reason being – there is some background info on what exactly proper explosive training is.

Also check out Time To Explode – Explosive Training: Back Edition, as well as Time To Explode – Explosive Training: Shoulders Edition, to become a more well-rounded ballistic machine!

Training for ballistic strength is uber important. Not only is the chest the center eye piece of looking manly and rugged and turning heads, but your pectorals also serve many purposes in various sports. Boxers, MMA fighters, football players, baseball players, etc ALL need strong and explosive chests.

In the simplest terms possible: the faster and more explosive your muscles can output energy, the better athlete you are.

5 Explosive Chest Exercises

Well, since you guys already have some background on explosive / ballistic training from our Legs article, allow us to jump right in to some of the very best explosive chest exercises known to man!

1. Clap Push Ups

Clap push ups, also known as explosive push ups, are one of the most popular explosive chest exercises, and for good reason – it works wonders for building explosive capacity in the pecs. The idea behind it is simple.

This article from Healthy Living details the instruction and execution pretty well.

You can add this jumping principle to pushups for an advanced exercise. Instead of your feet leaving the floor, you lift your hands off the floor during the pushup. The clap requires that you forcefully “jump” your hands to a height at which you can clap and then quickly return your hands to the floor. The clap pushup requires strength and speed…

2. Decline Clap Push Ups

Decline clap push ups are exactly the same as their predecessor, the clap push up, except the only difference is you elevate your feet onto a bench, box, etc, to simulate the same muscle area you would when switching from Bench Pressing to Decline Bench Pressing. Not much more explanation is needed. Have a look-see for yourselves:

3. Smith Machine Bench Press Throws

You might be thinking this is not what it sounds like, but it is! This exercise, though it looks dangerous, is a phenomenal exercises for ballistic strength in the pecs.

T-NATION.com has a good article called 10 Uses for a Smith Machine, and if you scroll down to number 9, you will see Smith Machine Bench Press Throws explained.

Everything is the same as with normal bench press, but instead of holding back at lockout, throw the bar upward. Be sure to have 1-2 side spotters there to help you decelerate the bar as it returns to your hands. Also, be careful to avoid allowing the hooks to catch as you throw the bar; your natural tendency will be to let the bar roll a bit as you release, so you’ll need to fight it on your first few sets until you get the groove.

4. Ballistic Superman Pushups

Gone Liftin’ LOVES Ballistic Superman Pushups!

Not only are Ballistic Superman Pushups ideal for explosive power, they are also great for building balance, coordination, and functional strength.

The Ballistic Superman Pushups are similar to the aforementioned Clap Pushup variations… with a twist!

There are some versions of Superman Push Ups which describe the exercise differently, but the Gone Liftin’ version of the Superman Pushup is the best, in our humble opinion.

Set up 4 chairs – 2 for your hands – 2 for your feet. Have enough space in the middle of the chairs so you can assume your Push Up position. Get down, and as you are coming to the top movement of the pushup, explode upwards, leaving the ground, and jumping your hands and feet onto the corresponding chairs, and then immediately back down to reset.

Note: The chairs should be sturdy enough so they don’t move out of place too much, as you want to do Superman Pushups as fast as possible for as many reps as you can, without stopping.

Ballistic Superman Pushups can also be done with just platforms for your hands as well. Beginners should start with this! Then work your way up to 4 chairs. When you make it to all 4 chairs, you will be an explosive beast!

Have a look-see at this video below:

5. Medicine Ball Chest Pass

The exercise is simple: Throw a medicine ball, exploding HARD out from your chest.

This is a great exercise for ballistic strength in the pecs, not to mention hand-eye-coordination, as well as activating the shoulders and triceps as antaganoist muscles.

This is a pure ballistic chest exercises, as you will see and feel by the execution of it. The instructions are quite simple, and MensHealth.com has a page which details these instructions with the simplest of ease:

  • Grab a medicine ball and stand about 3 feet in front of a concrete wall.
  • Hold the ball with both hands next to your chest.
  • Set your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Your knees should be slightly bent.
  • Throw the ball at the wall with both hands, as if you were throwing a chest pass in basketball.
  • Straighten your arms forcefully and completely as you throw the ball.
  • Catch the ball as it rebounds off the wall, and repeat.

More Explosive Training Articles

Well, folks, there you have it. This covers the Chest Edition of our explosive training edition. These are 5 of the very best chest exercises to build that explosive strength and speed in your pectoral muscles.

Make sure and check out our other Time To Explode Editions: Legs, Back, and Shoulders

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  1. Outstanding. Except when you decline push up, you actually target the same area as incline bench press, not decline bench press. These are some awesome exercises!

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