Time To Explode – Explosive Training: Back Edition

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Having great ballistic power in your back is a sure fire way to stay ahead of the competition!

Having great ballistic power in your back is a sure fire way to stay ahead of the competition!

You’ve made it to the Back edition of our Time To Explode series. Welcome!

If you forgot about Time To Explode – Explosive Training: Legs Edition, head over and gets to reading! And don’t pass up on Time To Exploide – Explosive Training: Chest Edition, followed by Time To Explode – Explosive Training: Shoulders Edition.

Here we are going to outline some of the best ballistic exercises to make your back more explosive than C4!

The back is manly. The back screams power. The back commands respect. If you have a puny back, you won’t be too feared on the field, and you certainly won’t be feared or respected in life (not that it’s a good thing to be feared, but you get our drift)…

5 Explosive Back Exercises

Enough foreplay. Let’s get into the brunt of it!

BodyBuilding.com has a great explosive back article that will give you more in-depth knowledge. The main components we are after, are right here below:

1. Snatch And Clean Pulls

These moves are great because unlike, say the power snatch, they have almost no learning curve. Just grip the bar, hinge at the hips, and explode up while shrugging your traps—hard. Another reason they rule is that they train your entire back, from the hamstrings to the traps, while letting you move huge weights.

2. Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlifts

You might be thinking this version of the deadlift is for the lower body, which it is. But the key thing here is the positioning of your hands. The snatch grip is a wide grip, which when implemented with Romanian Deadlifts, shifts the emphasis to your upper back quite nicely.

You already know that the standard Romanian deadlift is one of the most effective hamstring and low back exercises in existence. Simply modifying it with a wide snatch grip shifts a lot of the emphasis to your upper back.

3. Pendlay Row

The Pendlay row is basically a bent-over barbell row with a small twist. You keep your torso as close to parallel with the floor as possible, exploding the bar to your sternum and touching the floor after every rep.

4. Mixed Grip Pull Ups

Mixed grip pull ups are exactly what they sound like. They are pull ups with a mixed grip. Your left hand is held with an over-hand grip, and your right hand is held with an under-hand grip, and then you switch. These are also great for balance and functional strength in your lats!

To do it, drive your elbows up and back, squeeze the shoulder blades together, then squeeze and externally rotate at the top of the movement. You can split this pull into two distinct movements, or keep it as one. In either case, remember with this movement that good form is more important than using excessive weight.

5. Clap Pull Ups

You won’t find this version in this BodyBuilding.com article. No, no, no.

This is a version that we at Gone Liftin’ fully endorse as a killer explosive back exercises.

You start by doing a regular pull up, and about 3/4 of the way up, as hard as you can, explode upwards, let go of the bar, and clap your hands together, catching the bar on your way down. Holy shit!! This is not an exercise for beginners!

More Explosive Training Articles

Well there they are. 5 killer explosive back exercises which are sure to make your back into a ballistic force of nature!

We covered back here. Check out the rest of the articles in the Time to Explode Series to become a an unstoppable powerhouse!

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