The Top 20 Benefits Of Squats – Numero Dos

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Squatting, despite the brutality of the movement, should never be neglected or overlooked.

Squatting, despite the brutality of the movement, should never be neglected or overlooked.

Nice to see ya here. Part 1 listed the first 10 benefits of Squats. Let’s carry on with the remaining 10 benefits…

Squats, despite being grueling and painful, should never be overlooked or neglected. It is one of those exercises where the “I’ll do it next time” mentality can be overpowering. Make sure to NEVER remove squats from your regime!

11. Squats Can Be Done In Many Ways

From full-on barbell back squats to bodyweight prisoner squats, the squat has a seemingly endless list of variations to choose from. Also, it is highly adaptable to some very effective intensity techniques such as the use of chains, bands and boxes, high rep training, rest/pause just to name a few.


12. Squats Are Cheap

Squats don’t require an expensive machine or apparatus to be performed. A rack can be used or even a pair of dumbbells are all you need to get to work. Overhead squats, kettlebell squats, dumbbell squats all require minimal equipment. Heck, even a sandbag or barrel will work!


13. Squats Can Be Done Anywhere

Done from your home or in the gym, squats are the ultimate go anywhere exercise. Again, not requiring a gym membership or expensive equipment, routines like 100 rep bodyweight squats, Bulgarian split squats and prisoner squats can be done in the hotel room on trips, on the beach or in the local park as a part of cross training.


14. The Squat Rack Is Usually Empty

This, of course, is true only if someone isn’t doing curls in the squat rack (see below). Most people in gyms these days shy away from the squat rack and most of the time training legs altogether. Leg training is tough, brutal and requires intensity and focus to reap significant results. The leg press is sometimes taken but the squat rack is usually available.


15. Performing Squats Will Prevent People From Doing Curls In The Squat Rack

You’ve seen them: those nitwits doing curls in the squat rack! They are performing an exercise that can be done ANYWHERE in the gym. Just load up a bar, pick it off the ground and curl away. But these geniuses feel they require a overly loaded bar and are too lazy to pick it off of the ground, so they have to have it at a comfortable height while they bend over backwards curling a weight they have no business using in the first place! All the while you wait patiently for them to check their cell phone between 10 minute rest periods. Stop it!


16. Squats Will Increase Power

It takes a lot of effort to bust out of the bottom of a squat. Having various points of load along the range of motion, powering past the sticking point will create a unique curve of energy in the lower body generating power and strength which can translate to other movements in the gym and in sports.


17. Squats Are The Great Humbler / Equalizer

Do you have an impressive bench press? Can you shoulder press a ton? Do you curl a lot? How’s your squat? If you need an ego check (and who doesn’t) try a true deep squat. You wouldn’t bench press half way down to your chest would you? Would you curl only half way up? Why squat half way down?


18. Squats Are Universal

The only other move that comes close to working more muscle and having a practical and functional use is the deadlift. Squats are the quintessential movement pattern for the human body.


19. Squats Will Challenge Your Posterior Chain

You hear a lot about posterior chain development these days and how important it is to not only performance but everyday function and strength balance. Leg extensions do zilch for the posterior chain. Squats work not only the quads but also the hams and glutes to large extend. Equally important are the muscles of the lumbar, upper back, traps and neck.


20. Squats Will Increase Flexibility

Again, full range motion will require flexibility and the need to stretch. The more you increase your range of motion throughout your hips, glutes, knees and ankles the better your squat will be. Working on your form and function will motivate you further to acquire all the tools to perform better.


Well…. you’re welcome everyone! But in all seriousness, Squats really are KING! Make sure and build up your Squat as much as you can, for overall muscular development and high strength levels. Go back and read Part 1 over again, and check out’s squat article, as well!

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