Fitness Gadgets – Tools Or Toys?

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Fitness gadgets are generally just shiny toys, but there are some than can enhance your current routine.

Fitness gadgets are generally just shiny toys, but there are some than can enhance your current routine.

First, let me start off by saying that we at Gone Liftin’ absolutely despise fitness gadgets that are constantly being sold on infomercials and whatnot, all claiming to completely replace the gym and hard work. People that are willing to actually believe this kind of garbage, need more help than just bettering their bodies, believe me. There are no excuses or shortcuts to changing your body composition for the better; you’re either motivated and determined, or you’re trying to lie to and convince yourself that you are. Bottom line – fitness gadgets are toys!. Believe us, you’re way better off hitting the gym and doing the big exercises that matter!

However, we recently came across this article on, and it lists 4 fitness gadgets that are actually worth looking into. Pretty cool…

Quick: Think of a totally absurd fitness gadget that you wouldn’t be caught dead using. Pretty easy to do, right? You see them all around you, on television, piled up in second-hand stores, and peeking sheepishly out of other people’s gym bags. You stop, look for a second, and chuckle to yourself. Seriously: What the hell were they thinking?

It’s getting harder and harder in this day and age to separate what is useful, and what is complete trash. Lots of research and thinking and weighing out options actually is required to find the right equipment. Not everyone can always get to the gym day in and day out, so there are a few acceptable “toys” out there that you might wanna look into. These are not by any means any kind of gym substitutes or anything claiming to completely wipe out your hard training and replace with this “much easier gadget than can be done right on your couch!!

Just because climbing into the latest “core-strengthening” thingy isn’t your thing doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from a little helping hand, though. The right accessory can help you do what you already do, only better. It can boost your form on the lift that’s most important to you, help maintain your conditioning when going to the gym isn’t an option, or make you ache in a way that makes you see the light.

We are gonna list these 4 gadgets that are recommended by, but go over to their article anyway, and read more about them in depth if you like.

The Useful Gadgets

1. CrossRope Weighted Jump Rope System

…jumping rope has a lot to offer. Aside from the benefits you might expect, such as endurance, coordination, and body awareness, a few minutes of jumping can also scorch the gamut of muscle groups, from the calves on up through the shoulders and forearms. This became immediately clear once the CrossRope, a new weighted jump rope system, began circulating…

2. The Body Wrench

Self-myofascial release, aka “foam rolling,” is rapidly moving out of the shadows and into the fitness mainstream. It’s like the fish-oil of movements, in that most athletes have heard from someone or other that they’re “supposed” to do it, even if they’re not exactly sure why or how.

3. Globe Gripz

When you first pick up a pair of Globe Gripz, you might be totally mystified. What is it? A grip-building squeeze-ball? Beefed-up beads for a bodybuilder’s necklace? Put these sturdy plastic balls on a barbell or lat pull-down handle, though, and you’ll discover a versatile tool that can add plenty of options to the basic gym, while also helping you customize your commercial gym experience.

4. The Sling Shot

The website for powerlifter and columnist Mark Bell’s invention the Sling Shot is, so it’s clear that it’s meant to appeal to lifters who like to push up some serious weight. It has quickly developed an incredibly loyal following among that community, too. People who own and use the Slingshot have a tendency to talk about it with a misty far-off look in their eyes. Bell’s lifting pedigree is rock-solid as well, so this was definitely something I had to try for myself.

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