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September 11, 2013
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Female weight training is avoided by many ladies, for fear of getting too "big and buky." Stop this lunacy, ladies...

Female weight training is avoided by many ladies, for fear of getting too “big and buky.” Stop this lunacy, ladies…

When it comes to weight training for women, many have problems figuring out exactly how to start and what they should do.

For other women, there is also a fear that they’ll “get too big and bulky.” This myth that has existed for a number of years, and most ladies still buy into it. It’s lunacy, is what it is!

Getting big or skinny or toned or defined or whatever adjective you want to use to describe your body, is not about weight lifting. It’s about the kitchen! No, this isn’t a “women belong in the kitchen” joke.

What we mean is your food intake will determine what kind of body you will have. 70% of weight loss or weight gain is due to what you eat. Training with weights will add that nice shape and definition, and add to your overall health, giving you the total package!

Venus Factor - Weight loss for women videoWe came across an article from SimplyShredded.com called The Ultimate Female Training Guide, and it has great background information about weight training for females. It even has a 12 week routine, along with alot of other good information. We don’t really wanna get too much into the specifics of that article, as it is a hefty one with great info (so you should have a look).

What we want to do is go over a workout routine for you ladies to start doing and reaping the benefits from.

Firstly, we are going to go over the very best, mandatory exercises that are great for adding the right kind of curves, and overall muscular development. Don’t skimp on these exercises!

The Mandatory Exercises for Women

If you’re paying attention, these are the core exercises for men too. It’s not coincidence.


Deadlifts are the cornerstone for building a great body for men, and women do not get a free pass to avoid them. They are too awesome!

Deadlifts are a full body exercise, meaning it stimulates just about every muscle in the body. Deadlifts hit the legs, back, traps, abs, obliques, etc.


The king of kings when it comes to exercises. You can’t have the body of your dreams if you don’t squat! Click here for proof that squats build great butts.

Squats are perhaps the most effective exercise you can do for overall leg development. Free-weight barbell squats are a compound exercise that hits the entire upper leg, quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.


Lunges are great builders of the legs. They also build balance, coordination, and functional strength!

Lunges are great for targeting the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Lunges will help tighten up your legs and butt and give you the curves you want.


No need to explain this one. A mandatory exercise for both genders!

Pull-ups work the muscles of the back, biceps, and forearms. Most gyms have an assisted pull-up machine, so if you cannot do pull-ups with your bodyweight, this machine will allow you to do pull-ups with less than your bodyweight.


Another one of those mandatory exercises. Dips are a great test of strength and endurance!

Dips work the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Dips are a great exercise for overall upper body development, especially the shoulders and triceps.

Well, ladies, here is the first part of the exercises you should get acquainted with.

Now we can move on to Part 2 and learn the remaining exercises that are necessary, or if you’re already ahead of the game, feel free to skip to Part 3 and begin the sample 12 week routine we got laid out for you…

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