Female Weight Training Guide – Part 2

September 11, 2013 — 2 Comments
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Female weight training is a great way for the ladies to get the body of their dreams!

Female weight training is a great way for the ladies to get the body of their dreams!

Well girls, Part 1 introduced you to the reasons why women should weight train, and the core exercises all females should be doing in the gym.

However, those exercises are not the only ones you ladies will be working with. The exercises in Part 1 are the staples of any female’s routine to get them the right curves and build overall muscular development for proper fitness levels, and health.

Now we move on to the remaining exercises that will be implemented into your routine. Pay attention, and don’t skip any part of this…
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Bench Press

Another cornerstone of any proper workout regime. Without the bench press, we don’t build up our upper bodies! This can be done with a bar or with dumbbells – mixing it up is best…

Bent Over Row

A great upper back exercise!

Shoulder Press

Also known as the military press, this exercise hits all 3 heads of the shoulders, and can also be done with a bar or with dumbbells, standing or seated…

Lying Tricep Extension

Also known as “skullcrushers,” this is a great exercise for working the triceps in the fullest range of motion possible.


The concensus goes that curls are the best exercise for your biceps. Whether a barbell or dumbbell, standing or seated, these bad boys will get your bi’s WORKIN’!!

Lateral Raises

Lateral Raises will really hit the middle part of the shoulder, giving them that nice rounded shape we all look for.

Triceps Cable Pressdown

Usually a staple of tricpes workout – this exercise provides resistance on the way down, as well as on the way up

Cable Curl

Another bicep similar to the tricep exercise above. The cable curl provides good resistance on both the eccentric, as well as the concentric portion of the movement.

Stiff Legged Deadlift

Different than the conventional Deadlift, this version will blast your hamstrings and provide a good workout for your lower back as well! A barbell or dumbbells may be used.

Leg Extension

Puts direct isolation on the quadriceps.

Leg Curls

The exact opposite of its counterpart, the Leg Extension, the Leg Curl puts isolation on the hamstrings.

Leg Press

The leg press is a great exercise for overall strength in the quadriceps and hamstrings.

Standing Calf Raise

A necessary exercise to build shape and roundness in the calves!

Seated Calf Raise

Also adding to the muscular development of your calves, the seated version has the added benefit of working the tibia, which is the front part of your calf that gives the bottom portion of your leg its nice looking shape, from the front…

Don’t Neglect The Abs and The Core

Lying Leg Raise

Swiss Ball Crunch

Decline Crunch

Back Extension

You cannot have a strong core without having a strong and balanced lower back!!

WOW!! Well ladies, we are done with the exercises you are going to be performing for your 12 week routine. Make sure and go over the specifics in Part 1 again, and then move onto the meat of our series – Part 3.

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