Coveted Abdominals – Training Mistakes Part Deux

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Ab training mistakes are far too common, and become counterproductive quickly!

Ab training mistakes are far too common, and become counterproductive quickly!

In Ab Training Mistakes Part 1, we listed 4 common ab training mistakes that you guys should be mindful of and stop doing!

Here we will continue the list so that it is beat into your head that abdominal training needs to be properly planned and thought out.

Ab Training Mistakes Continued…

5. Training Them Everyday

No need to go into much detail on this one. You take breaks between your other muscle groups, so why in the hell are you training your ab MUSCLES daily?! Stop this instantly!

Abs are just like any other muscle in your body. That means they need time to recover. When they get worked hard, a couple of days’ reprieve is necessary, in my opinion. If you can crunch yourself into submission one day and then wake up the next morning ready for more, take it as proof that crunches aren’t actually working your abs as hard as they should be. Try a harder movement and tell me if you’re up for repeating it tomorrow.

6. Only Doing Crunches

Sorry, but those who live and die by crunches alone make us chuckle…

…the traditional crunch is one of the least effective ab exercises you can do. And just because you can’t perform these other movements for hundreds of reps doesn’t mean they’re not effective.

Basically, the crunch is only very basic, traditional ab exercise that should be utilized only every so often. There are countless other exercises that stimulate ab growth which the crunch could never do in a million years!

7. Not Focusing On Form

You would think it’s hard to mess up on form whilst doing ab work, but I digress…

Again, abs are just like any other muscle in your body. So why are you writhing around like you’re on fire to work them, when you’re a stickler for form on your squats and presses? Focus on form and make sure your abs engage in every rep.

Proper form builds stability and balance, which is essential in sparking hypertrophy, as well as fat loss!

8. Forgetting About Your Lower Back

Yup! Every muscle has an antagonist muscle, which plays a role in maintaining the proper function of that muscle.

As an example, if you train your biceps without worrying about triceps, your arms will look…. let’s just say a little funny, shall we. Hit that lower back to stabilize and strengthen your entire core!

A lot of people neglect the lower back muscles (erector spinae), so make sure to train them just as you would with every other muscle. If you want to have a strong core, treat your lower back like your abs. Train it hard and smart, and you’ll feel as strong as you look.

9. Only Working In One Angle

Simple to understand. Don’t neglect the other pieces that make up core, functionally AND aesthetically – your obliques, tranverse abs, rectus abs, and so on and so forth…

Your obliques, transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, and erector spinae are all part of your core, but they’re different muscles with fibers running in all manner of directions. You must train them in more than just one angle.

10. Using Infomercial Ab Gizmos

Gone Liftin’ has a funny article about some insane fitness gadgets, which you can read about and laugh about here. The same goes for training your abs. Hard work in the gym with proper planning and proper nutrition will yield your dream 6-pack, NOT what you saw on TV at 3AM…

Seriously? That thing brings you about as close as possible to kicking your own ass. And if you really think that wiggling from side to side is enough to make you lose 10 pounds in two weeks, you’ve got the kick coming!

That about it covers it my friends. Hopefully you now have a new found mindset about training your abs the right and proper way! For some more, check out this article.

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