Couldn’t Find More Useless Fitness Gadgets If We Tried!

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Too many fitness gadgets out there make people think changing your life is easy. It's not!

Too many fitness gadgets out there make people think changing your life is easy. It’s not!

Gone Liftin’ wrote a post on certain fitness gadgets that are surprisingly beneficial in addition to a proper training regime.

With that said, we are now obligated to write yet another post on some ludicrous and humiliating fitness gadgets, which encompass the term “fitness toys.” Too many companies keep coming up with and putting out pure crap, targeting certain demographics that are looking for nothing but shortcuts and ease.

Lemme tell ya a secret peeps, there are NO shortcuts and it is NOT easy to get to the end of the road of success!

The Worst Fitness Gadgets in the World!


Most fitness gadgets are just laughable, and the fact that people actually spend money on them is even more laughable. recently wrote a fun little article on some ridiculous fitness gadgets that are sure to make tons of people facepalm in disappointment.

We felt like having a little fun today and scoured the web in search of crazy fitness gadgets of the past, present and future.

Don’t wanna get too deep in detail about these hilarious gadgets, because all the credit should indeed go to for this comedic piece, but let’s just run down some of the gadgets they shed light on, but you guys should head over to their article about said gadgets, and see the humiliation for yourselves. Not to mention, on top of getting a good laugh, you will also see a list of other gadgets or fun things that can make these ridiculous gadgets “worth it.” And I say worth it as loosely as I possibly can…

Anyway, here are some of the hilarious “toys” those guys found on the interwebs:

1. TRX


2. The Hawaii Chair


3. Face Trainer

face tr

4. Shake Weight


5. Hand Trainer


6. Leg Magic


7. Red Fitness – XL System


8. Dumbbell Phone


9. Ab Energizer


10. Thighmaster


11. Velcro Home Jogger


Well, there they are. And yes, believe it or not, these gadgets actually exist on the market. As much as we would love the credit for uncovering these gems, we cannot take it. This article from found these fantastic toys, and we are glad they did!

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