Best Biceps Exercises…Continued

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Get those biceps workin'!!

Get those biceps workin’!!

Welcome back! You made it to Part 2, which means that you are severely interested in getting the guns of your dreams.

Part 1 listed 4 of the best biceps exercises. Here in Part 2 we are gonna get the remaining 6 out of the way so you can hit the gym and waste an entire workout on biceps training.

Great… Just kidding. But seriously, we’re not…

5. Wide-Grip Standing Barbell Curl

Taking a wider-than-normal grip will cause you to externally rotate at the shoulder, so your humerus changes its position. This prompts more involvement from the short head of the biceps.

barbell curl

6. Zottman Curl

Dafuq is the Zottman Curl?!

Well, the Zottman Curl is one we actually REALLY like! It hits all the heads of the biceps pretty freakin’ good, and it actually gives you a good pump and a good heart rate elevation from the stress.

In this movement you have a palms-up (supinated) grip on the way up and a palms-down grip (pronated) as you lower the weight. All of your elbow flexors get hit in one swoop.

zottman curl

7. Barbell Curl

Ahh… the staple of the bodybuilding biceps community, the ever lasting Barbell Curls!

The classic! If you did only this movement for biceps, you would still come out ahead. Since the amount of wrist rotation helps determine how much work our biceps brachii work, it makes sense to maximize supination in a movement where we can load fairly heavy.

standing barbell curl

8. Dumbbell Biceps Curl

A dumbbell curl is a basic movement that seems to be the icon of fitness…
Most people will adopt at least a little bit of wrist rotation as they curl—just try to keep as much supination as is comfortable.

standing dumbell curl

9. Hammer Curl

The hammer position curls tend to be our strongest curling motion. It is a neutral grip, in one where your palms are facing your body, so all heads of the biceps, and even your forearms, provide assistance in curling the weight up.

Hammer curls are great for brute strength in those tiny biceps muscles. They can be done standing or seated.

hammer curl

10. Overhead Cable Curl

As far as popular biceps exercises go, this one isn’t actually as popular as it should be. It’s a good one. You get stress from the concentric, AND the eccentric movement, which is a plus that cable training provides…

With our arms in this position, brachialis recruitment is maximized. The higher your elbow, the more isolated the brachialis is from the biceps brachii.

overhead cable curl

Well that finishes up the 10 best biceps exercises for ya! If you wanna go to this biceps article from, go right ahead. But… don’t forget to go back to Part 1 of our article for more reference…

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