Dieting Letdowns And Pitfalls – Part 2

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If you stumbled here without checking out Part 1, please do so, as we are trying to touch on common dieting mistakes that we have all came across, or surely will come across, in our evergrowing quest to have the bodies of Gods…


Not Mixing Up The Foods You Eat

Sure, dieting involves eating the proper, clean, and natural foods. But let’s face facts – eating the same stuff day in and day out gets MUNDANE!! It gets psychologically taxing knowing you have to eat the same bland food every day. Though it’s part of the physique game, things don’t always have to be so damn boring and shitty…

There isn’t any one food that can be considered best or better than another. Each food has an array of beneficial micronutrient that others may not have. Therefore, when you pigeonhole yourself to consuming only one food group – such as all chicken breasts – you magnify the micro-nutrient deficiency that is inherent in that food group.

SOLUTION: It’s simple – MIX IT UP, DAWG! Make sure and eat as much variety of clean foods as you can. Use seasonings, proper sauces and dressings, etc etc. Don’t eat the same boring stuff every single day without changing up every couple of days, or else you’re gonna go nuts and end up binging on Snickers and Ben & Jerry’s… Variety is the spice of life!

No Calcium

Calcium is uber important, as you may know…

During a fat-loss diet, people usually increase protein while decreasing carbs and fats. Prolonged high-protein/low-carbohydrate diets without calcium supplementation can result in a negative calcium balance. This is because the body’s acid-alkaline balance is now more acidic, thus calcium is leached from your bones. In addition, this can lead to kidney stones.

SOLUTION: Take Calcium! Make sure and have a good calcium supplement healthy, to ensure you’re getting adequate levels of this important nutrient! Oh… and don’t forget the Vitamin D3, as that helps with the absorption of Calcium (we don’t want bone loss). Yep!

Lifting With Light Weights


Yea, what he said… DON’T BE A BITCH! Sorry ladies, no offense meant :-) But fellas, ya guys gotta stop doing that light weight business and expect to be jacked.

The train of thought for most people is to use heavy weight to gain muscle but use lighter weights to lose fat and “tone” up. However, this train of thought is false when viewed from the perspective of your body. A calorie deficit represents a threat to your body status quo, or equilibrium. Thus its primary objective is to sustain what is needed and muscle isn’t a necessity.

Unfortunately, this is very sad and true. No one quite knows where this stigma came about, and why it won’t go away, but it’s not true. What makes you bigger or smaller is calories, not the amount of weight you are lifting. In order to build quality and functional mass (men and women alike) we MUST lift substantial weight. Along with quality, calorie-burning muscle, we also get the added benefit of looking mad good!! And no, ladies, lifting heavy weights will NOT make you butch and beastly looking. This myth needs to be dispelled sooner rather than later. CALORES > ALL (that’s what makes you butch and beastly).

SOLUTION: Well, uh… lift heavy weights. Like with dieting, the routines used for weight lifting should be mixed up often enough to not go stale. I don’t wanna touch too much on actual weight lifting routines here, as this article is more about food / diet than weights, but feel free to rummage through Gone Liftin and get acquainted with various traning methodoligies…

Well, that basically covers all matters we wanted to touch upon. Just another little snippet of something that may push you past whatever ceiling you’re currently stuck under. And if you’re not stuck, at least you got some more information to store in that already plethora-infested mind of yours. See ya later…

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