Diet Tips For Optimal Leanness

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Get your diet in check from first thing in the morning to the moment you hit the sack...

Get your diet in check from first thing in the morning to the moment you hit the sack…

Dieting can be hard! Not so much dieting itself is hard – but it gets pretty damn hard considering all the bullshit information floating around out there that has no valid basis to be floating out there, yet people buy into anything that makes them think dieting can be fun and easy… and magically cure everything!! Yes, people do believe there is a magic cure and that “you can whatever you want and still lose weight!!” No. Just NO! Dieting is anything but fun and easy. To get the most our of your body for optimal leanness and performance, things need to change, and they need to change hardcore. Cutting out one soda a day or using sugar substitutes instead of sugar is an admirable start, but it is pure bullshit and will get you nowhere! You need to do a full 180, fortunately or unfortunately…

Nothing will replace hard work, dedication, and willpower. Don’t ever forget that! There’s bullshit tips and tricks out there aimed at burning a hole in your pocket, and there’s valid truths based on scientific evidence and research, which are actually aimed at helping you, not robbing you blind.

Charles Poliquin, one of the geniuses of the fitness world, has a very good article called Ten Superior Diet Tips for Optimal Leanness & Performance. In this article, Charles Poliquin describes the fundamental tips for building a phenomenal physique with some damn good diet tips.

Dieting is NOT easy. And getting and staying lean past a very low body fat percentage, seems impossible to most. It isn’t, however. It just takes some fucking hard ass work!!

Enough foreplay! Let’s break down these awesome tips that Charles recommends for transforming you from goo to iron…

Ten Best Diet Tips To Get The Body Of Your Dreams

Y’all gon learn today!!

1. Take Control Of What You Put In Your Mouth

(hehe lol… nah… we won’t go there this time…) This seems obvious, right? Right! So why the hell do people make such horrendous, laughable, unmistakble dieting faux pas? Because we are humans, and any actions we do, we try and justify them and / or spin them in a positive way. That’s cool, breh. However, it does NOT work when it comes to changing your body composition; never has – never will. You need to be mindful of what you eat. You can’t just put random calories in your body at will. You need to learn and know what foods generate the proper metabolic response, and turn you into a fat burning machine, not a fat storing cookie-monster!

It’s critical that you take control of what you put in your mouth if you want optimal body composition, health, and performance. Doesn’t it seem like everyone has something to say about what you should eat?

Now is the time to make informed choices about what and how you eat. Be empowered by your decisions, and remember that no one ever ate anything by accident.

2. Get Fat Adapted

Huh?! Adapted to fat? Yes! As in, being able to train your body to use fat for energy, rather than carbs, which it is accustomed to do. If you use fat for energy, guess what your body burns? Yes, yes that’s right… it burns FAT! This is what we want, so make sure to train your body to call upon fat stores for energy use. “How do we do this?“, you may be asking – we do this by lowering carbohydrates and increasing the amount of protein and fat we ingest. Yep it’s that simple. This does not mean eating 0 grams of carbs a day. It means eating less than the usual 400 to 500 or so grams that people eat per day. Yea people actually eat that many. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Try going down to 200 to start, then 150, then 100. Before you know it, you’ll be a lean, mean, protein eating machine!

Being able to call on your fat stores for fuel is extremely beneficial if you want to get lean and be healthy. This leads to a state of “metabolic flexibility” in which your body is able to burn fat readily. It has a neuroprotective effect on the brain and decreases oxidative stress that comes from a higher carb diet.

3. Eat Fats That Are Good For You

Well this is another obvious one, obviously! There are fats which are hazardous to your body composition, as well as your health, and there are fats which are great for your body and for actually getting leaner! Avoiding fat is a rookie mistake lots of people make and wonder why they don’t see the results they are expecting. Fats like olive oils, canola oils, coconut oils, fish oil, etc are all VERY good for your body fat and your health. You NEED fat for proper hormone production in your body. Don’t avoid fat thinking you will get fat. Fat is your friend when it comes to decreasing your body fat percentage. Looks funny reading that, we know, but it’s true.

Certain fats are extremely good for you. Coconut oil, red palm oil, seeds, fish oil, olives, avocados, butter, and nuts are all packed with nutrients. Eating them in a balanced fashion as part of a diet that limits carbohydrates can help you achieve a lean physique without hunger.

Fat is necessary for optimal hormone function. It is also delicious and very filling. When included in a low-carb, high-protein whole foods diet, it is difficult to overeat to the point where you gain fat.

4. Restrict Carbohydrates When Eating Good Fats

Carbs are important. We know that they are condemned by many at times by many folks, Gone Liftin’ included. But at times, carbs provide many benefits to the body. Energy, restoring glycogen stores, adding body mass for sports, etc. Carbohydrates, however, are also the culprit for elevating your cholesterol and causing your body to manipulate its insulin spike, which can be good or bad, at times. Carbs are more at fault for raising body fat percentage than are good, lean fats…

…research shows significant benefits to limiting carb intake because it is carbohydrates, not fats, that elevate cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Carbohydrates activate pro-inflammatory processes through their effect on the fatty acid composition of blood lipids and cell membranes. This leads to the development of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

5. Restrict Carbs to Reduce Free Radicals & Extend Your Life…Leanness Too

Again with the carbs?! Damn right, yo. Carbs are the number one suspect for keeping us from low body fat goals. Increasing your fat and protein intake, and at the same time reducing your carb intake, is the key to losing body fat and retaining lean muscle mass. To get a little scientific on you, fat is a cleaner source of energy for the body to thrive on, and produces a significant amount less of toxins within the body.

You may recall from elementary biology that mitochondria turn energy from food into ATP to provide energy for cells to fuel activity. The byproduct of this process is free radicals, which bounce around and damaging everything in sight, accelerating aging.

The best way to avoid this is to not eat—enter calorie restriction and fasting—followed by reducing your carb intake in favor of fat. This leads your body to burn fatty acids rather than the glucose form carbs. Fat is a “cleaner” burning energy source, generating fewer free radicals than carbs.

These are the first 5 critical steps to success in lowering your body composition. Let’s finish up in our next section of dieting tips

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