Apple Cider Vinegar: Is It Magic?

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Have you ever heard of Apple Cider Vinegar? You probably have, as it isn’t any kind of “best-kept-secret” type of thing. Apple Cider Vinegar is, as you probably guessed, vinegar made from apples and / or apple cider. As the years go by, Apple Cider Vinegar is being touted as a health and diet aid more and more these days. This is a good thing, because Apple Cider Vinegar really IS as good they say it is. If you haven’t heard of it or haven’t thought much of it, it’s been the craze with the nature / hippy types for years. Although, their reasons for living and dying by Apple Cider Vinegar are likely not equal to the reasons that we at Gone Liftin’ are on the case…


Apple Cider Vinegar, besides being extremely cheap (as you can see by clicking the pic above) has TONS of health benefits!! Of course it does… if it didn’t, we wouldn’t be here.

There is tons of information out there about Apple Cider Vinegar (which we will now refer to as ACV), but for some reason, Gone Liftin’ really, really likes this informative and simple article from, called Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplements – Why Apple Cider Vinegar? The article details the health and diet benefits of ACV, but we decided to write about it, so that you can have that sweet and special Gone Liftin’ “edge” attached for your pleasure, along with the most essential info, plain and simple…

The truth of the matter is that many people have one of the best, natural, and inexpensive thermogenic fat burners sitting on a shelf in their pantry and they don’t even know it..

What’s The Dilio?

Most of the health benefits of ACV are the ones that most people are actually unaware of. ACV is good for salads, foods, etc. We all know that much. But what about the actual benefits that affect your health? Well, ACV contains good amounts of acetic acid. Acetic acid has been known to better release the iron that is present in many foods.

The increased release of iron makes the nutrients in the food more readily available for oxygen-carrying hemoglobin. This in turn increases the amount of energy consumed and therefore increases the amount of weight lost.

Protein Digestion

The most common knowledge about hormones released in the body is the fact they said hormones are released from our pituitary glands. The pituitary gland releases growth hormones when our bodies are at rest. These hormones, obviously, are made up of proteins (the building blocks of muscles).

…and recent studies have shown that the consumption of apple cider vinegar helps with the digestion of protein. Therefore, a more efficient level of protein breakdown ensures that more of this growth hormone will be produced by the pituitary gland and consequently elevates resting metabolism.

When your resting metabolic rate is increased, that means the body burns more base calories in general, even at rest and whilst sleeping. This is especially awesome for those of us who engage in physical and strenuous activities, since the extra calories burned from the protein digestion process allowed by ACV is significant enough to be talked about. This helps us with your body composition goals… alot. Sweet!!

ACV And Blood Sugar Levels

Yes, ACV even have a positive impact on the avenues leading to diabetes. As of late, many studies have discovered that body fat composition is largely related to insulin control within your body. It is IMPERATIVE to read through our Insulin Manifesto in its entirety, and understand the importance that insulin plays in your body!

A study conducted at Arizona State University was composed to illustrate the relationship between vinegar and diabetes. Unexpectedly, researchers discovered that their text subjects were actually losing weight! Subjects consumed two tablespoons of vinegar before two daily meals and lost an average of two pounds during the four week experimentation period. Several subjects lost up to four pounds during the experiment while a control group showed no change in weight whatsoever (Science News Online, 2004).

More and more studies are being conducted on ACV as we speak, and we are glad they are, because there are likely many more benefits that we still are unaware of. Who knows? …

ACV As An Appetite Suppressant

ACV contains something called pectin. Pectin is a fiber (water soluble) which is found in apples, and is believed to absorb water and to keep your tummy feeling full. A full feeling stomach equals feelings of satiation, which turns to not getting as many cravings, and the end result is appetite suppression and management. Yet again… Sweet!!!

Another trait of ACV acting as an appetite suppressant is the fact that ACV reduces the amount of time that fats remain in the digestive tract, making them digest faster and more efficiently…

It is also believed that apple cider vinegar improves digestion by reducing the amount of time that fats remain in the digestive tract. This reduction of fats in the digestive tract means that fewer fats will be absorbed and deposited into the body – thus promoting weight loss.

Are We Done?

Yea, we’re done. Except one more thing… ACV, being a potassium containing substance, helps to balance the sodium in one’s body…

Lastly, it is believed that the potassium present in apple cider vinegar helps to balance the sodium intake in a person’s diet. This minimization of sodium reduces the amount of retained water a person has within their body.

What this basically means is that ACV will help to keep sodium levels maintained, and prevent that sodium bloat from making you look and feel “fatter.

As you can see, deciding to implement ACV into your diet can only lead to great things. Combined with other safe and effective fat-burning ingredients (like Superfoods), ACV can quickly become a staple in one’s diet, when the health benefits are revealed and reaped! Go out and get some good, all natural ACV, or check out this Gone Liftin’ approved ACV. Thanks for reading and hopefully you came outta this article with a Grinch-like smile from ear to ear…

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